If running late is your only form of cardio and you're ready to up the ante, this fantastic spot will give you all the gains. Angels Landing in Utah is home to a trail that climbs over 1,400 feet toward the sky and comes to a narrow pinnacle that you can you hike. This trek makes you work for the reward, but it is 100% worth the effort.

Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah, is the epitome of a dramatic-feat coupled with a jaw-dropping hike that ends in glorious views.

There is nothing quite as exciting as looking out over a vast national park atop a 1,488 elevation peak that is known for its narrow climb aided by a chain for grip.

You can explore this 5-mile roundtrip trail, which will lead you up the side of a steep mountain that ends in a very narrow pathway.

Entry to Zion costs $35 per vehicle and gives you seven days of access to the park.

There are multiple areas and trails to explore, but this one offers an amazing combination of adrenaline highs, cardio goals, and of course, epic views.

The panoramic sights from the top are glorious, and the feeling of accomplishment for finishing the hike is like nothing else.

You can expect sheer drops on either side of the trail as you approach the end, and the switchbacks that cover the mountain can get steep.

The metal chain is secured to the rock to assist the higher you go, or you can stop before it gets too slim and enjoy the perks of the impressive views from Scout Lookout.

To reach the trailhead, you can start at Grotto Picnic Area and cross over to the opposite bridge. You will begin at West Rim Trail and head toward Walter's Wiggles.

A series of switchbacks will gain elevation as it ascends to Scout Lookout. If you want to keep going, you can follow the south ridge further up to the top.

This incredible hike offers much more than just stunning views, but those alone are worth it.

Angels Landing

Price: $35 per car

Address: 1 Zion Park Blvd., State Route 9, Springdale, UT

Why You Need To Go: This incredible hike will lead you to a 1,400-foot peak that combines a narrow trail with amazing views.


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