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Utah’s New Christmas Festival Is So Extra & Has Over 1 Million Twinkling Lights

There will be tons of illuminated displays! 😍

It is never too early to start the countdown to the holiday season. Utah's Christmas festival starts this month, and it is pure holiday magic.

Lumaze will be happening in Salt Lake City this winter from Thursday, November 19 to Saturday, January 2.

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You Can Go On Haunted Tours In Salt Lake City & They're Crawling With Real Ghosts

Explore some of the most haunted places in town.👻

Wandering through a cemetery is spooky enough, but this company takes ghost hunting to another level.

Grimm Ghost Tours in Utah will let you explore some of the city's most haunted spots, and even lets you use equipment to catch real spirits.

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You Can Explore An Ancient 'Rainbow' Tree Grove At This Park In Utah

The perfect day time adventure.🤗

If you want to turn your adventures up a notch, this destination will fill your day with wonder. Escalante Petrified Forest State Park in Utah is a surreal escape filled with dazzling colors and living historical relics. You can get your daily dose of 'wow' on your next road trip.

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park is just under a five-hour drive from Salt Lake City, making it the perfect day time adventure.

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You Can Travel Through This Forest In Utah That's Like A Scene From 'Midnight Sun'

Keep an eye out for glittery vampires. 👀

If you haven't been able to get enough of the Twilight series, this little adventure will let you delve into a real-life version. Butler Fork Trail in Utah looks like a dreamy scene right out of Midnight Sun. You can explore this stunning forest while keeping an eye out for glittery vampires just waiting to steal your heart.

Nestled in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, this trail will feel like you stepped right onto the pages of your favorite book.

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You Can Soar Down The 'Longest Zipline Over Water' In The World Right In Utah

Great panoramic views 80-feet up in the sky!🌄

Are you looking for a little adrenaline rush to add some excitement to your week? Zipline Utah lets you soar between different zip lines and over stunning treetop canopies. Dreamy views while you fly through the air — what more could you want?

Zipline Utah in Deer Creek State Park, Utah, offers amazing packages so you can indulge in the ultimate adventure.

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This Breathtaking Lake Trail In Utah Has An Epic Surprise At The Tippy Top

Everyone loves a two-for-one.

If you're ready for a challenge that will end in an epic reward, this spot needs to be on your bucket list. Silver Lake Trail in Utah is a dazzling destination, and it offers two stunning pools for you to visit while you wander. You can push yourself to see both or enjoy one for some awesome photos.

Silver Lake Trail sits in Utah's American Fork Canyon. The entire area offers a variety of hiking trails, camping spots, and other outdoor activities for you to try.

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