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You Can Travel Through This Forest In Utah That's Like A Scene From 'Midnight Sun'

Keep an eye out for glittery vampires. 👀
Butler Fork Trail In Utah Looks Like A Dreamy Scene Right Out Of Midnight Sun

If you haven't been able to get enough of the Twilight series, this little adventure will let you delve into a real-life version. Butler Fork Trail in Utah looks like a dreamy scene right out of Midnight Sun. You can explore this stunning forest while keeping an eye out for glittery vampires just waiting to steal your heart.

Nestled in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, this trail will feel like you stepped right onto the pages of your favorite book.

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Butler Fork Trail looks more like something straight out of Forks thanks to the towering trees and thick vegetation.

The hike is just under four miles and takes you through the dreamy green wilderness of the Beehive State.

According to the Forest Service website, you can reach the Butler Fork Trailhead by taking Big Cottonwood Canyon Road for 8.2 miles toward Jordan Pines Campground.

It shares an entrance with the Circle-All Peak trail, and parking is available there.

A three-day pass to the wilderness area costs $6, so you can come back again and again to relive your favorite Edward and Bella moments.

The site notes to follow the pathway that veers to the right toward Desolation Trail.

You will want to continue toward Mill A-Basin, which sits straight ahead, rather than turning right at Dog Lake.

If you want to visit the basin on the way back, you can revisit the turnoff and explore the shimmering waters.

The forest of aspens will transport you to a world of glittering monsters and giant werewolves as they tower on either side of the path.

You might want to spend the entire afternoon just wandering around and snapping whimsical photos, or you can stop at the lookout for breathtaking views.

Depending on the weather, you might even get an overcast day that will add to the moody vibes for a genuinely Twilight experience.

Butler Fork Trail

Price: $6

Location: Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT

Why You Need To Go: This dreamy hike is the perfect stop for any Twi-hard fans looking for a forest escape.


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