You Can Hike To A Towering Waterfall & Emerald Pool In Utah For Only $5

Chase all the waterfalls you want.
Calf Creek Falls In Utah Lets You Explore Jade Waters For Cheap

If you're seeking an adventure that offers a bang for your buck, this dreamy destination has all the perks.

Calf Creek Falls in Utah let you explore bright jade waters and a towering waterfall for only $5!

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Nestled in the Grand Staircase at Escalante National Monument, these cascades are a truly spectacular stop.

The cost of entry is so budget-friendly, you will have tons of money left over to explore other parks nearby.

You can explore the three-mile trail to the falls, which will lead you past beaver-made dams and even ancient red stones bearing a giant pictograph.

The pool beneath the falls is a jade oasis, and the towering stones above look like something out of a storybook.

Reaching the lower portion of the cascades is easier and offers you the chance to experience the dreamy swimming hole, but you can continue to the higher falls for a unique viewpoint.

Calf Creek Falls

Price: $5

Location: Latitude: 37.793186, Longitude: -111.413820

Why You Need To Go: You can visit these whimsical waterfalls for only $5.

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