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6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Chrissy Teigen's Utah Roots

The witty star comes from the Beehive State.

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about this superstar; you might be surprised. Chrissy Teigen has roots in Utah, and this list is full of fun tidbits about her connections to her home state. If you love to read her witty tweets or watch her and hubby John Legend be couple goals, read on for all things Chrissy.

Her rise to stardom and her career as a model, actress, producer, and writer are well-known pieces of her life.

But a lot of people didn't realize she was born and raised for a short time in the Beehive State.

Her tweets are famous for their no-holds-bar repertoire, and lately, fans have taken to cooking her kitchen delicacies and sharing them on Twitter for her to see.

With her openness on social media, she feels like the famous best friend you always wanted.

Now, you can know even more about this Hollywood heroine.

She Was Born In Delta, Utah.

The model-turned-actress was born on November 30, 1985. Her middle name is Diane, and she lived in the state for a time before her family moved away.

She Once Jokingly Blamed Her Birth State For A "Lip Malfunction"

In August of 2019, Teigen tweeted that she was "very upset and saddened" that her birth state "poisoned" her.

The poison she referred to was simply altitude sickness, and she shared with her followers that her lips got extremely swollen on a trip to Utah.

She Had Repped BYU In Modeling Pictures When She Was Younger.

During a photoshoot in front of the Las Vegas sign back in 2013 for Sports Illustrated, Chrissy rocked a BYU jersey from her home state. Go Cougars!

She's Not Afraid To Tell People She's From The Beehive State In Her Witty Tweets.

In a tweet from 2016 where someone commented she was from across the border, Teigen jauntily replied she was, in fact, from Utah.

Her Dad's Job Allowed Them To Move Around.

Teigen's dad, Ron Teigen Sr., was an electrician and continued down that career path as the family moved around to numerous states, according to IMDb.

People Mispronounce Her Last Name.

A tweet from 2018 goes on to say that everyone has been pronouncing the star's name wrong, to which she replied it "is tie-gen not tee-gen."

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