Georgia is filled with all kinds of creative spots and unique eateries that you're not likely to find anywhere else. One of these places includes Starland Strange and Bazaar in Savannah, and it'll blow your mind when you walk in. Not only is it a vintage clothing and accessories shop, but it doubles as a sweet treats stop, too.

Starland Strange is located in the Starland District of Savannah. The area is known for being inviting with technicolor shops and a huge shipping container food truck yard that's practically an adult playground.

This specific shop is most often known for its vintage band tees, upcycled denim, and cute and trendy accessories in a colorful boho-hippie wonderland.

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While you're shopping around or exploring the District, you can grab one of the many treats they offer. One of these desserts includes the adorable Sheriff Splitz, a chocolate-covered banana that's equal parts sweet and refreshing.

This isn't your average frozen dessert though. Sheriff Splitz comes donning a cute little pink hat, googly eyes, and a mustache — only costing $4.50. Also serving as the mascot for the shop, The Sheriff even has its own Instagram page.

If you're not a fan of bananas though, don't fret. You have many other options to choose from here, such as snow cones, coming in a variety of unique flavors. You can either build your own from their list of flavors or grab one of Starland Strange's classic creations.

There's the "Texas Bullseye," which is a "tiger blood" snow cone topped with blue raspberry, condensed milk, and sprinkles, and the "Gold Rush", made with piña colada and pineapple flavors all topped off with dried fruit.

Starland Stange also has floats and ice cream cones. They just released four new flavors, with each of the waffle cones having its own unique flavor too according to an Instagram story shared by the business over the weekend.

You can choose between cotton candy topped with animal crackers, cake batter topped with whipped cream and vanilla cake, peach topped with peach ring candy and graham crackers, and mint chocolate chip topped with cookies. 

While you're walking around in the Savannah heat, grabbing one of these sweet treats might just be a good idea.

Starland Strange & Bazaar 

Price: 💸💸

Address: 17 W 41st St., Savannah, GA

Why You Need To Go: This trendy little vintage spot doubles as a sweet shop, too. You can get snow cones, ice cream, and cowboy-themed chocolate-dipped bananas.