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Seattle's Police Department Received Over 12,000 Misconduct Complaints Over The Weekend

Out of those 12,000, ten alleged incidents garner the most complaints.

The Seattle Office of Police Accountability, which investigates the misconduct of the Seattle Police Department, reported 12,000 complaints after a weekend of protests. The Seattle demonstrations broke out on Friday afternoon and continued through the weekend. Out of the thousands of reports received, a handful of them are regarding the same incidents. 

In a press release posted to the Seattle Government's website, "The Seattle Office of Police Accountability (OPA) recognizes the community's anger and sadness following the death of George Floyd. We whole-heartedly support the movement for equitable policing across the nation."

Over the weekend, the OPA received 12,000 complaints, and of those, ten alleged incidents garnered the most attention.

Some of the repeated incidents include pepper-spraying a young girl, punching a person on the ground who was being arrested, a knee on the neck area of two people who had been arrested, and police officers covering up badge numbers.

Moreover, reports of police failing to record activity on body-worn cameras, pepper-spraying peaceful protesters, and officers breaking windows of a downtown Seattle Target store are also listed.

Several of these incidents have made the rounds on social media only to be confirmed by the list of misconduct released by the OPA.

Due to the steady circulation of media from the Seattle protests, Officer Jared Campbell was alleged to be the one who pepper-sprayed a young girl, receiving a majority of complaints to the OPA as well as via social media.

However, after an "investigation" and review of footage from the situation, the OPA declared they determined that Officer Campbell was not the officer involved in the incident.

"The resulting investigations will be our top priority moving forward," the news release said.

"These investigations will be civilian-led and as transparent as possible, given the law and police collective bargaining agreements. We will complete our investigations quickly due to the immense public concern."

The OPA urges Seattle community members and Washingtonians who attended these protests in Seattle to continue filing incidents of SPD misconduct. 

If you attended the riots and have an issue to report, file it here and include your photos, videos or any proof you may have.