Simu Liu's Car Was Attacked By 'Professional Photograph Seekers' & He Says He's Shook

"Just know that if you cross that line for me or for my fans..."

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Simu Liu.

Simu Liu.

It seems like Simu Liu had an unfortunate incident involving people harassing him and he says the whole thing has left him "shook."

On Tuesday, June 7, the Canadian actor took to his Instagram story to share some details about the incident.

"Best photo that I could get but these professional autograph seekers followed us out of the Philly event and then threw soda on our window," he wrote over a picture of a car. "They then ran to their car to remove the front license plate so we couldn't ID them."

He said that someone from the event venue he was at documented what happened which he will use to report the incident to the authorities.

"Obviously everyone is fine but we're just a bit shook that this could happen," he said.

He also got real about signing autographs for people who are going to sell it off on eBay.

"Sometimes we do it, but I don't personally like to reward certain types of behaviour. Especially when the people get aggressive and invasive and make my real fans and supporters uncomfortable."

He shared that he's had a few rough interactions recently and had a warning for people.

"I've had a couple of bad experiences in a row where my personal space has been badly violated," he said. "Just know that if you cross that line for me or for my fans, there isn't a chance in hell I'm ever gonna sign for you."

Scary stuff! Stay safe, Simu!

Liu is currently on tour promoting his autobiography We Were Dreamers.

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