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Simu Liu doing Carpool Karaoke.

Simu Liu doing Carpool Karaoke.

Simu Liu recently hosted his very own episode of Carpool Karaoke and things took a bit of an unexpected turn.

In a new episode of the AppleTV+ series, the Canadian actor buckled up with fellow action star Jessica Henwick where they talked about being movie superheroes and jammed out to a Blink-182 classic before diving into some pretty personal information.

"Jess, were you one of those people that got their driver's license the moment that you were old enough?" Liu asked.

Henwick confirmed that she did get her license right away, as did Liu.

"I was in a household of very, very strict parents and just like that car represented freedom for me," he shared about growing up in Kingston, Ontario.

"And it represented the ability to go out and I was able to get a girlfriend and then I was able to lose my virginity. Oh, it's all thanks to the driver's license."

"In the car?" Henwick asked about the location of doing the deed.

"Not in the car, but the car was instrumental in the journey of the loss of the virginity. And now we're talking about me losing my virginity," he said while appearing to look sheepish.

He then explained to Henwick that in high school, he was part of a boy band and his group had exactly one song that he hoped to impress girls with.

"Can you sing a little bit now?" she asked the Shang-Chi star.

Liu then launched into some truly mushy lyrics.

"Passing by you in the rain, hope to see you smile, just maybe, you turn away from me again, tell me can't you feel this way."

"I'm going to die of embarrassment," he said of the experience.

The two then both broke out into song to jam along to the Backstreet Boys classic "Backstreet's Back."

Liu recently appeared on The Ellen Show which was guest-hosted by Leslie Jones who had some choice words for the Canuck.

"Baby, you is fine," she said to Liu. "Ok, I didn't know you was this fine."

Looks like you're doing pretty alright with the ladies, Simu!

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