Leslie Jones Tried To Shoot Her Shot With Simu Liu & She Said What We're All Thinking (VIDEO)

"I didn't know you was this fine."

Simu Liu on The Ellen Show. Right: Leslie Jones hosting The Ellen Show.

Simu Liu on The Ellen Show. Right: Leslie Jones hosting The Ellen Show.

Leslie Jones recently guest-hosted The Ellen Show and she took the opportunity to let Simu Liu know she's interested.

In a clip that aired on Tuesday, May 31, the American comedian chatted with the Canadian actor about his role as Shang-Chi in the Marvel hit and their shared experiences at Saturday Night Live.

But first, Jones had to get to the important stuff.

"Baby, you is fine," she told Liu as they got settled in. "Ok, I didn't know you was this fine."

After congratulating him on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings getting greenlit for a sequel, Jones asked him about how he got so good at changing clothes quickly.

"The Shang-Chi suit... It's not like a onesie, you don't just slip in and out of it, it's like a three-piece," Liu shared. "It's got all sorts of zippers where you would not expect there to be zippers, and it takes a team of highly trained professionals to rip the clothes on and off."

He said that while at first people were very respectful of his personal space while dealing with the suit, towards end of filming it was like "hands all over you."

Jones said she can relate as that's how she used to do quick changes when she was a cast member at SNL.

"I was so traumatized, cause I didn't know it was going to be like that," she said. "They have you dressed in like 20 seconds."

Liu said that he'd love to go back and host again, but Jones is not so keen on returning.

"I'm 54, I'm too old," she said, to which Liu exclaimed, "No!"

"I'm 54, boy. We could still date," she cheekily said which made Liu giggle and the audience break out into cheers. "Cause I am a cougar. Rawr."

This isn't the first time Liu's had some attention from a famous face.

In March, Liu and Tiffany Haddish presented an award at the Oscars where she got a little flirty and shared that she has "a thing" for Canadians.

"I like that circle bacon," she explained. "The men with the jackets that ride on moose with the hats and stuff. The Molson beer, the accents."

Seems like you're popular, Simu!

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Sarah Rohoman
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