There are many ways to enjoy the mountains in B.C. Some prefer to chill at hot springs while others like going on intense hikes. But this is definitely a unique one. The Sinclair Canyon trail near Radium, B.C. will have you go through a cut-open mountain. 

The village of Radium is known as the hot springs capital of the province. But if you're open to venturing beyond the super-relaxing hot springs, there is an unforgettable trail just outside the village.

Chances are you've driven this road before if you're from Alberta or B.C.

Sinclair Canyon actually has a bunch of trails around it and all of them are worth your time. You can access the trailhead just past the south entrance point of Kootenay National Park.

The trail to get to the highway junction between the split-open mountain is actually called the Juniper-Sinclair Canyon Trail. 

Parks Canada listed the Juniper-Sinclair Canyon Trail under "short hikes and walks" that can be done in the national park. The agency also mentioned that the trail's total length is about six kilometres. That should take you about two hours.

The trail goes through surreal nature scenes including canyons, creeks, and cedar forests. 

You will also be able to view the Sinclair Canyon falls if you complete the trek. 

So if you're looking to lose yourself in one of the most beautiful, calm settings in British Columbia, this should be at the top of your bucket list. 

According to Radium Hot Springs, the Sinclair Canyon trail system is actually quite extensive, and it promises so many hiking opportunities for all levels. 

The area also comes with a sweet bit of history. Parks Canada says the Radium Hot Springs opened to the public in 1925, so you can rest assured that British Columbians have been exploring these parts of the province for a long time. 

The springs are awesome, but if you want to feel like you're Indiana Jones, who's always adventuring through massive canyons, you need to get to Highway 93. Those views don't just make for a beautiful break from the road-trip; they can be a destination on their own. 

Whether you're road-tripping through B.C or you're heading for a relaxing retreat at the hot springs, this little escape between the mountains is something to feast your eyes on. 

Plus, the picnic tables and the shady trees by the Sinclair Creek make this a perfect summer day trip. 

A perfect summer day indeed. 

Juniper-Sinclair Canyon 

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Why You Need To Go: A mind-blowing highway lookout that will treat you to unforgettable views of massive mountain canyons. 

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