It's getting festive on Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram and one of her most recent posts shows what happens at their house early in the morning.

On December 21, she shared a photo of her youngest child Hadrien wrapped head to toe in shining Christmas lights and holding an ornament while in his pyjamas.

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Grégoire Trudeau captioned the post, "Oh, the things that unfold before 7:00AM in this household!"

As the string of lights was plugged in and it was so early in the morning that the sun hadn't even risen, Hadrien is all lit up.

This isn't the first time the family has gotten festive this year.

Just a couple of days before this, Grégoire Trudeau shared a photo of Justin and Hadrian placing the star on the Christmas tree and they took decorating to new heights once again.

She posted photos of her and the kids making cookies this year, as well.

It's not all happy-holidays for them, though. Trudeau recently revealed what he's going to miss about Christmas in 2020 and it's actually pretty heartbreaking.