The 2019-2020 NBA season was rough on Toronto Raptors fans. Not only were they forced to watch the defending champions come home empty-handed, but they couldn't even offer moral support.

Nick Nurse recently opened up about the predicament during an appearance on ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski's podcast.

Toronto's head coach gushed over how important the team's rowdy fanbase is to winning during big playoff games.

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I'm saying that you know the people in this city in this country missed that energy and electricity and whatever. 

Nick Nurse

"What the factor like you just said, the electricity, that energy and positivity, that a city feels when there's a Game 7 thumping in town. Coming up for the days leading up to the day. Everybody in the streets, that's what was a factor."

"That's what's the biggest shame is I think, but I don't know. I think we're a long way away from getting back to that," Nurse stated in regards to fans cheering in the streets. 

Nurse also cast doubt on whether the city will even be able to host Jurassic Park celebrations in the 2020-2021 season.

"I think just the casual Raptors fan is longing for that because even when you're watching it on TV, you see a shot of everybody outside having a time, dancing in the streets is uplifting for everybody to see them sitting in their living room apartment or wherever," Nurse added.

The Raptors were eliminated from the playoffs this year after losing to the Boston Celtics in Game 7.  

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