A 4.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hit East Coast Canada Early This Morning & We're Shook

People felt the tremors.
Earthquake In Canada Hit The East Coast Early In The Morning & We're Shook
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There was an earthquake in Canada that struck in the early morning hours and it pretty accurately represents how shook we're all feeling right now.

Earthquakes Canada reported that the tremors happened at 5:35 a.m. AT on November 4 on the east coast of Labrador.

It was felt in the area of Makkovik and Natuashish with the epicentre just six kilometres away from Makkovik and at a depth of 18 kilometres.

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4.7 the magnitude of the earthquake

Earthquakes Canada has listed this quake as having a 4.7 magnitude.

There have been nine reports so far from people who felt the tremors.

Most people said there was weak to light shaking with no damage because of the quake but there was one report of moderate shaking and light damage.

Maybe the Earth is mad that it had to stay up all night and still no winner has been declared in the U.S. election?

This area of Labrador has seen quite a few earthquakes of this magnitude over the last 20 years but nothing that has topped 5.0 since 1956.

Canada's West Coast is the area of the country that's most likely to get hit by earthquakes while there's a low rate of this seismic activity on the East Coast.

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