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Calling all St. John's singles and couples, time to spice things up a little on date night because dinner and a movie just aren't cutting it anymore.

We've done the hardest part for you: assembled an array of creative options that will help to show off the local sites in the rock's capital city and help you spend some time with your special someone.

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The warmer weather is starting to kick in within Canada, which means that icebergs will begin arriving in Newfoundland shortly as part of their journey from Greenland.

While it may seem strange to spot giant glaciers cruising through the Maritimes, it's actually an annual occurrence in Newfoundland.

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It's been quite the year. As Canadians get ready to say "Goodbye 2020" once and for all, one province will actually get to start the New Year before anyone else. 

Thanks to their unique, half-hour time difference from the rest of Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador will be the first place in Canada to leave 2020. 

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Move over goat yoga, sheep hiking is here! At the Green Gardens Trail in Newfoundland, sheep live along the route and are just the cutest things ever. You never know when you'll spot one so keep an eye out.

At Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, the Green Gardens Trail is a true gem for animal lovers and anyone looking to escape into nature.

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When you work hard you want to play hard, which for most Canadians means planning an unreal trip to let off some steam. While for some it may be no issue to jet off on a European adventure whenever, the cost of a plane ticket is definitely not cheap. 

That's why a tiny island off the coast of Canada has to be your next travel destination. Not only is it only a 90-minute ferry ride away from Fortune, Newfoundland, but it is also a little island that is straight out of France but only found in North America. 

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