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You Can Hike With Sheep On This Trail At A National Park In Newfoundland

Another one for the baahhh-cket list!

Move over goat yoga, sheep hiking is here! At the Green Gardens Trail in Newfoundland, sheep live along the route and are just the cutest things ever. You never know when you'll spot one so keep an eye out.

At Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, the Green Gardens Trail is a true gem for animal lovers and anyone looking to escape into nature.

It showcases the contrasting landscapes of the park from the grasslands to the ocean.

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The trail starts at the Tablelands and moves down through the boreal forest to the volcanic sea coast.

Along the ocean, you can see beaches, coves, sea stacks and clifftop meadows.

You could hang around for hours there taking in the scenery along the shore and lazing in the meadows.

Or you could spot sheep, probably the most interesting and most adorable aspect of the trail.

Green Gardens was used by the residents of Trout River, a small rural fishing village nearby, as the summer range for their livestock for a long time.

That's a place usually unsuitable for farming where animals can go and eat.

Because of that, sheep still roam around the trail to this day and you can see them grazing the grass or lounging on hilltops.

A section of the trail is closed permanently but for the part that's open, it's a 10-kilometre return hike to the coast.

You can follow the trail northwards along the headlands and through meadows to get to Steve's Cove and the end of the trail.

From the cliffs, there are breathtaking views of the southern coastline of Gros Morne National Park.

If you return by the same route, it'll be uphill most of the way and steep in some places.

While the wild sheep and the scenery are beautiful, it's important to stay aware of your surroundings.

Parks Canada recommends staying on the trail and not walking close to cliff edges because they could be dangerous.

When walking on the shore you should watch for falling rocks near cliffs, be cautious as rocks can be slippery and be on the lookout for rising tides.

Canada's east coast is full of unique places with amazing wildlife like the sheep on this trail.

Sable Island off Nova Scotia has more wild horses than humans and a teardrop-shaped island off the coast of New Brunswick is home to over 1,000 pairs of Atlantic puffins.