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Netflix Totally Transformed Hamilton Ontario To Film 'Umbrella Academy' (VIDEO)

Filming crews blocked off two city blocks.
Ontario Editor

You might be able to spot your local city in this season of The Umbrella Academy. Hamilton, Ontario took centre stage during filming and the city was completely transformed. Netflix Canada revealed that they even put holes through some of the walls of local businesses. 

In a thread that was posted to Netflix Canada's Twitter, the company revealed that a lot of effort was put into transforming Hamilton into 1960s Dallas for the new season of the show.

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An entire two city blocks were taken up by filming crews and a bunch of changes were made to make the television show come to life. 

The production crew needed to get approval from local businesses before making multiple tweaks to the city streets. 

This included knocking holes through building walls, painting, changing the signage and even adding additional props. 

"For example: the butcher shop you see featured in S2 has a cow on top of the roof. Coralie had to call the landlord of the Painted Bench on Ottawa Street (the IRL store) to ask for permission to place the cute bovine on top of their shop," Netflix revealed.

In fact, the show was so committed to transforming Hamilton into Dallas, that they even painted fire hydrants twice a day. 

Since the colours on the hydrants in Hamilton didn't match those in Dallas, crews painted them green and silver every day before filming.

However, they were repainted to their original colours every night in case they needed to be used by local fire crews. 

While Hamilton was completely transformed for The Umbrella Academy, it's not the only Canadian spot that was featured in the show. 

According to IMDb, other popular filming locations included Toronto and Dundas. 

So next time you're in Hamilton, take a walk down Ottawa Street and see if you can spot some of the locations for the series' scenes. 

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