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Missouri's High-Speed Train Could Take You From St. Louis To Kansas City In 30 Minutes

It's practically time travel!

Now that we've entered 2020, talk of futuristic travel is more frequent than ever. For the Midwest, a high-speed train in Missouri is even closer to not only being talked about but becoming a reality for those traveling from St. Louis to Kansas City and vice versa. Due to the novel coronavirus, however, it may be some time before locals are able to see the high-speed train in action.

A proposed high-speed train in Missouri with plans to take you from St. Louis to Kansas City in under an hour has been shelved for the time being.

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This Infamous Penitentiary In Missouri Could Be The Spookiest Spot In The State

Endless entities roam these halls.

When it comes to Missouri, the list of places that are thought to be haunted, and worth visiting, is endless. There's one spooky place that stands out from most, and that's the Missouri State Penitentiary. This haunted and now decommissioned prison in Jefferson City is claimed to be home to many spirits that committed serious crimes while alive from 1836 to 2004.

The Missouri State Penitentiary operated from 1836 to 2004, during which it earned the title of "oldest continually operating prison west of the Mississippi."

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A New Drive-In Theater Is Popping Up In St. Louis This Summer

Something to look forward to!

Seeing a movie with your friends, family, or significant other is one of the most enjoyable ways to pass the time, especially when you're doing so at a drive-in. This August, a drive-in theater in St. Louis will be popping up for a limited time, and it's definitely worth checking out. There's something special about not having to leave your car to enjoy a movie, and finally St. Louis will be able to experience just that.

Drive-In Cinema Club is coming to St. Louis from Tuesday, August 25 until Sunday, August 30, and they're bringing our favorite cult classics with them.

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These Adorable Kittens Got To Explore An Empty St. Louis Aquarium (VIDEO)

Our hearts!

While we're all staying inside, our pets are seeing a lot more of us. If you don't have a pet, you might want to consider adopting or fostering one to help you pass the time while also giving a home to a furry friend in need. The St. Louis Aquarium hosted kittens from a local rescue shelter this week in order to give the kitties some fun while promoting their adoption.

The three kittens from Stray Rescue of St. Louis got to pounce and play around the grounds, exploring the bright blue exhibits.

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A Missouri Man Was Just Arrested For Purposefully Coughing On People In A Store

He is currently in custody.

Sometimes we have to leave the safety of our homes to grab a few essential items from the closest store. With "stay at home" orders being placed in nearly every big city across the country, most people are aware of the severity of the world's current situation. But, some people just can't follow the rules. A man was just taken into custody for purposefully coughing on other shoppers amid COVID-19 concerns in Missouri

According to Cuba PD, an employee from an unnamed store in Cuba, Missouri, said that a male shopper was disrupting the peace and causing the store to be unsafe on Tuesday, March 31.

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A St. Louis Animal Shelter Is Running Out Of Pets For Adoption

Cutest. news. ever.

If you're wondering where the many adorable cats and dogs in animal shelters are being placed right now, you're not the only one. Like many cities, St. Louis was in serious need of help when it came to adoptions earlier this month, however, since then, the community has managed to place almost every cat and dog from the Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA) into a welcoming home. This St. Louis animal shelter placing animals so quickly is exactly the kind of news we needed to hear!

With so many people currently working from home, the ability to adopt or foster a pet is more viable than ever. While it might not be the most convenient route to go down, it's certainly the most beneficial!

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