A Nova Scotia Airport Just Became Canada's Loneliest With No Passenger Flights At All

The last passenger plane left this morning.
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Sydney Airport Just Became Canada's Loneliest With No Passenger Flights At All

Could this be Canada’s loneliest airport? Sydney Airport in Nova Scotia no longer has any incoming or outgoing passenger flights, thanks to cancellations related to COVID-19.

On the morning of January 11, one final plane takeoff marked the end of the airport’s scheduled commercial flight operations.

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I wouldn't call it a milestone. I would call it a very difficult and sad day. Mike MacKinnon

Back in October, WestJet indefinitely ended its scheduled routes to the region, citing the COVID-19 pandemic’s unprecedented effect on the industry.

By December, Air Canada had also announced that services in Cape Breton would be suspended until further notice.

On January 11, an Air Canada flight from Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Toronto was the last passenger plane set to leave the airport.

Now, none are scheduled to arrive or depart.

The airport’s CEO, Mike MacKinnon, described it as “a very difficult and sad day."

"It appears the pace the vaccines will be distributed is not going to really help the industry very much, at least from what I've seen," he added, per CBC News. 

The only services operating out of Sydney airport now will be cargo planes, which visit a couple of times per week, as well as the occasional chartered flight.

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