WestJet Is Suspending Service To Atlantic Canada & Over 100 Weekly Flights Are Grounded

Only three routes to Atlantic Canada will keep flying.
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WestJet Flights To 4 Atlantic Canada Cities Are Being Suspended Indefinitely

There will be fewer options to head out east soon. A bunch of WestJet flights to four cities in Atlantic Canada are being suspended indefinitely.

The Canadian airline announced that service to Moncton, Fredericton, Sydney and Charlottetown will be indefinitely suspended soon.

That means more than 100 weekly flights will be eliminated which is almost 80% of seat capacity from the region.

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November 2 when service will be discontinued

Ed Sims, WestJet President and CEO, said this is happening because flying to those places has become unviable thanks to the Atlantic bubble and fee increases.

Back in September, the airline's surcharges on domestic flights went up because the country's air traffic control operator raised its rates.

All WestJet flights to and from Moncton, Fredericton, Sydney and Charlottetown will no longer operate as of November 2.

Those routes are Halifax-Sydney, Halifax-Ottawa, Moncton-Toronto, Fredericton–Toronto, Charlottetown-Toronto and St. John's–Toronto.

There is no date for when service could be reinstated.

If you have a flight booked to or from those cities after the suspension takes effect, you'll be contacted directly about your options.

There will be just three routes for the region after this, Halifax-TorontoHalifax-Calgary and St. John's-Halifax.

Service between Halifax and Toronto will then operate with 14 flights a week.

Both the Halifax-St. John's and Halifax-Calgary routes will stay at 11 and nine weekly flights respectively.

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