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It's no secret that Raptors fans are nostalgic, especially when it comes to the Lowry-DeRozan era, and the latter recently shared what it would've taken for him to return to his old stomping ground in Toronto.

DeMar DeRozan opened up about his time as a free agent last year during a recent appearance on Serge Ibaka's How Hungry Are You?, revealing his thoughts on re-signing with Toronto.

The full episode dropped on Sportsnet on Wednesday, March 9.

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If you ever doubted whether Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan would still be best friends after the Raptors, Sunday night's faceoff between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls probably had you feeling pretty silly.

The NBA stars' bromance was on full display as their teams duked it out at the United Center in Illinois, and dare I say, it might've been heartwarming enough to melt even the iciest of sports fans' hearts.

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DeMar DeRozan is pretty much an honorary Canadian these days, but the former Raptors player wasn't always so comfortable hanging out in the True North.

DeRozan opened up in a video from the Bleacher Report earlier this month about his initial reaction and fears after being drafted by Toronto back in 2009.

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DeMar DeRozan is now opening up about what he went through when he left the Toronto Raptors back in 2018.

In a video from the Bleacher Report, the former Raptors player sat down on Monday to discuss his infamous trade to the Spurs and the moments leading up to it.

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In the wake of Toronto's mourning of the G.R.O.A.T (greatest Raptor of all time), Kyle Lowry himself came forward with his final parting words to the city he considers his second home.

On August 4, two days after his sign-and-trade to Miami was announced, Lowry took to his Instagram to write a heartfelt (and utterly tear-jerking) goodbye to all of his fans and supporters throughout the past nine years he spent in the 6ix as a Toronto Raptor.

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