Fred VanVleet Was Spotted Cussing Out Teammates & It's Major Big Brother Vibes

Freddie put the team on his back.

Toronto Staff Writer
Fred VanVleet Was Spotted Cussing Out Teammates & It's Major Big Brother Vibes

If Kyle Lowry was the unofficial leader of the Toronto Raptors during his time with the team, then Fred VanVleet is his replacement, and Thursday night's game was a pivotal moment of Freddie taking up the mantle of "head honcho."

Not only did VanVleet put up an impressive 29 points during the Raptors face-off against the Milwaukee Bucks, practically carrying his teammates to victory, he also put his leadership skills to the test.

The rising NBA star appeared to get caught on camera bluntly telling his teammates "don't f**king move" after a series of fouls against Toronto threatened their chances of winning.

Although it's impossible to tell precisely what VanVleet was saying during the tense moment in the game, rookie Yuta Watanabe appeared to confirm this week that Freddie has a potty-mouth when directing his young teammates.

"When I do something bad on court, he always cuss me out and stuff but I'm a good listener. When he says something he's always right and he's an amazing leader," Watanabe during his appearance The Raptors Show with Will Lou.

However, it wasn't just his team that Freddie was trying to pump up last night, he also made a not-so-subtle gesture to the fans to get them to cheer louder.

“It was one of those moments: playing so hard, working so hard, obviously given the circumstances, I think we really deserved that win [...]. I just wanted us to give us some energy and some momentum going into those last two or three minutes," the 27-year-old told reporters post-game.

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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