Fred VanVleet Just Took The Blame For The Raptors Game 2 Loss Last Night (VIDEO)

"You can put the blame on me."

Fred VanVleet talking to reporters post-game on Monday night.

Fred VanVleet talking to reporters post-game on Monday night.

Making yourself a hundred percent accountable is challenging. Unless you're Fred VanVleet and your team just lost a big NBA game. Freddie wants all your smoke.

On Monday evening, the Raptors suffered another devastating loss to the 76ers at the Wells Fargo Centre, putting them at a 0-2 deficit in the first round of the playoffs.

"At this point of the season, you've got to be playing at a really high level to keep winning and beat some of these teams," VanVleet told reporters during a post-game conference. "And that's what it takes in the playoffs. So we'll see if we can ramp it up a little bit more, clean up, got to play a little smarter."

Raptors Post Game: Fred VanVleet - April 18, 2022Toronto Raptors | YouTube

Freddie fell short during the intense face-off putting up 17 points in the first half while only adding three points during the final two quarters, a fact the 28-year-old didn't take lightly.

"It's not on the bench, man. It's on myself to be better," he told reporters when questioned who was to blame for the loss. "I'm always going to take responsibility for the team's performance, and we didn't get the win. So you can put the blame on me."

VanVleet previously boasted about the team's chance to do some "damage" during the playoffs, a brag that contrasted a diss from Shaquille O'Neil, who claimed they'd get "swept" earlier this month.

The Raptors are scheduled to play Game 3 at the Scotiabank Arena on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.

Here's to hoping the Toronto Raptors can pull off a comeback.

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