Fred VanVleet Opened Up About Kawhi's Real Personality & Apparently, He's Not A Robot

He is in fact a "Fun Guy."

Toronto Staff Writer
Fred VanVleet Opened Up About Kawhi's Real Personality & Apparently He's Not A Robot

Kawhi Leonard's time with the Raptors might have been brief, but his role in guiding the team to their first NBA Championship has forever cemented his place in the team's history — well that, and the fact that he's a walking, talking meme-machine.

Fred VanVleet, who also became a prominent player during Toronto's 2018-2019 season, appeared to set the record straight about his former teammate's often baffling personality during an appearance on the All The Smoke podcast last month.

VanVleet revealed to the show's hosts that Leonard's famously robotic behaviour on-court and during interviews was not the same Kawhi he got to know and respect over the season.

"If you go to him and bust it up with him, he's going to have a convo with you," the NBA star said while explaining what it's like to pal around with the Boardman. "He's super funny. He's super regular. He likes to do all the s**t we like to do. He just don’t tell nobody about it”.

However, Freddie also offered up a workout story that seems to support the ongoing joke that Kawhi is a robot.

"That's the only time I saw the robot thing. I would see him take 30 pull-up jumpers going right at the same speed, like clockwork," VanVleet admitted.

"He's going the same speed, he's not going fast, he's just going at his own pace. He's getting to his spot, he's pulling up, he's going to his spot, he's pulling up, and he's not missing," he adds.

So, it looks like Kawhi can be both a "Fun Guy" and a robot.

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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