Fred VanVleet's Kids Are Taking Over His All-Star Interviews & It's Adorable

Freddie put his kids on the spot!

Fred VanVleet's Kids Are Taking Over His All-Star Interviews & It's Adorable

Fred VanVleet has always put his family first, a virtue that was on full display during an All-Star game interview with his children.

VanVleet, who became an NBA All-Star for the first time this year, enlisted the help of his son Freddie Jr. and daughter Sanaa when answering reporters' questions about the game.

"All questions got to go through you first," the 27-year-old father joked to his daughter, whose wide-eyed reaction was equal parts fear and excitement.

Freddie then began hosting a mock interview with Sanaa, who responded with one-word answers that, honestly, weren't too different from the typical NBA player, except hers were way more precious.

"Ok, we gotta do some media training, you got to, you gotta do some practice," VanVleet says before hoisting his daughter off the hot seat.

Freddie Jr. then tries out his hand at the media junket with similar results, eventually admitting his favourite part of the game was "the car." Word's out on whatever the heck that means.

"I'm a pretty boring guy, so it's nice to have someone else around to enjoy it for me," VanVleet told The Wichita Eagle when asked what it meant to have his family share his All-Star experience. "Not many things get me excited. To have my family, who's been here with me the whole way, be able to enjoy the weekend with me, that's pretty special."

February has been an emotional time for VanVleet. Earlier this month, his teammates shared their enthusiasm in a big way when the news broke that he'd be participating in the 2022 All-Star game.

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