Fred VanVleet Shows 2 Ontario Restos Big Love In A New Docuseries That Just Dropped (VIDEO)

The new Youtube series is all about food. 📺

Fred VanVleet Shows 2 Ontario Restos Big Love In A New Docuseries That Just Dropped (VIDEO)

If you're a foodie and a die-hard Raptors fan, then chances are you're going to love Fred VanVleet's new series, even if it does make your mouth water too much.

VanVleet's new five-part docuseries, entitled Made For This, premiered on YouTube this week and follows the NBA star as he puts a spotlight on various cultural cuisines and restaurants across Canada.

In collaboration with DoorDash and Uninterrupted, each episode of the show has Fred sitting down with restaurant owners to discuss personal journeys, cultural significance, and their process of making signature meals.

The Raptors star also shares his own personal struggles with success before informing each owner that he and DoorDash will be awarding them $10,000 to support their growth.

The mini-series covers five diverse, independent restaurants, including two from Ontario, Toronto's Aunt Lucy's Burgers and Whitby's Signature Indian Cuisine.

During the Toronto episode, VanVleet sits down with Chieff Bosompra, who immigrated to Toronto from Ghana, West Africa. The two discuss the importance of never forgetting your roots.

"For me, I'm from a small town called Rockford, and I wear that with me everywhere I go like it means a lot to me and kind of makes up who I am, so just to see that in somebody else, I just want to give you respect and love for that. That's dope," VanVleet tells the owner of Aunt Lucy's Burgers.

The once undrafted Toronto icon also shares an emotional moment with Whitby owners Deepak and Diana Chadha, who both break into happy tears after receiving their donation.

The other food spots featured include Calgary's own Take It and Go and Vancouver's Chickpea and Kula Kitchen, which have equally compelling stories.

Patrick John Gilson
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