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VanVleet's Girlfriend Has Been His Number One Fan Since High School

These two are what true love is all about!

One Toronto Raptor player has had a number one fan since before he made it to the big screen. Fred VanVleet’s girlfriend Shontai Neal, has been his biggest supporter since high school. The two have been by each other's sides for years.  

According to Heavy, the couple first began dating after meeting at Auburn High School in Rockford, Illinois.

The high school sweethearts were inseparable and later attended college at Wichita state together.

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Since then, Neal has helped VanVleet through plenty of career hardships throughout their relationship.

The pair ended up starting a family and now have two adorable children. 

When VanVleet was later picked up by the Raptors, Neal was quick to move to the new city with her long-time sweetheart. 

To make matters even more adorable, it didn’t take long for the couple to fall in love with the 6ix. 

Fred even revealed during an interview back in 2019 that his daughter was a dual-citizen and Canada had become a home to the family.

"We love it here. My kids love it. My daughter is a dual citizen," Fred said at the time.

"I definitely could see myself living here for a long, long time. Canada is really like a second home for us. This has grown into a place that we love to be." 

Another huge moment in the couple’s life came when Neal gave birth to Fred Jr. during the 2018-2019 NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

The sequence of events that followed seemed straight out of a movie.

VanVleet went on to score 21 points on no sleep after flying back to Milwaukee.

The most recent moment in the family’s life to grab media attention was when Shontai brought VanVleet kids into the NBA bubbles.

The heartwarming reunion was the first time the player had to see his loved ones in months.