The Raptors' Fred VanVleet Opened Up About Being At His 'Lowest Point' While Playing In Tampa

NBA star Fred VanVleet pulled no punches when talking about the harsh realities he faced while playing as a Raptor in Tampa, and what it means to be back in Toronto.

VanVleet, who slogged through a nine-game losing streak with his teammates last March, recently opened up to TSN about the emotional toll it took on him.

"Outside of real stuff in the real world, that was probably the lowest point I've ever had, mentally, physically," the 27-year-old admitted.

The Raptors spent 19 months isolating in Tampa before getting the green light to return home to Toronto by the Canadian government — a saving grace that VanVleet appears not to be taking for granted, especially after sitting out the playoff season.

"All of those things were just a big reminder of how much we should appreciate what we have on a daily basis, and to never go through that again. That's what I told myself. I never want to do that again," he added.

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