Lowry Looked Heartbroken Last Night After His Last Possible Game As A Raptor (VIDEO)

His emotional post-game interview got interrupted by a FaceTime from Drake.
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Lowry Looked Heartbroken Last Night After His Last Possible Game As A Raptor (VIDEO)

The greatest Raptor of all time might have just said goodbye to Toronto.

Kyle Lowry led the Raptors to a 135-111 win against the Denver Nuggets to snap a nine-game losing streak on Wednesday night, but it was his post-game walk off the court that really caught people's attention.

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With the Raptors floundering this season, Lowry has been the subject of trade rumours and many people expect him to exit the team by the NBA trade deadline at 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 25. 

In a post-game interview, coach Nick Nurse told reporters that Lowry will "go down as maybe the greatest Raptor ever," according to Sportsnet’s Mark Medina.

A memorable post-game interview

Things got emotional in Lowry’s post-game interview, and the Raptor spoke about having no regrets.

"I'm not the tallest, I'm not the most athletic, I'm not the fanciest, but I play hard. It's gotten me a long way, playing hard," he said, according to Blake Murphy from the Athletic. "I won't regret anything I've done because I've played my butt off."

But Lowry also got a surprise call from one of his biggest fans — fellow Toronto royalty Drake.

"We've got a special guest here," said Lowry, showing his phone to the camera to reveal the rapper on FaceTime, who identified himself as Lowry's translator. “No, you’re not!” Lowry laughed.

The player told Drake he'd call him back later — maybe to break the news of a coming trade.

Is Kyle Lowry getting traded?

With not long left on Lowry's contract, rumours have swirled that his days as a Raptor are numbered. 

According to Sports Illustrated, the Miami Heat are frontrunners for the point guard but the Clippers and the 76ers have also been mentioned as possible contenders.

And ESPN says Lowry might not be the only Raptor leaving — they say that the Raptors are also discussing trades for Norman Powell.

Earlier this year, a Toronto mansion strongly suspected to belong to Lowry was put on the market for over $5 million, raising questions about his future in the city.

Lowry denied owning the mansion, but with all the emotional comments and peace signs, it’s not hard to imagine that the GOAT is saying his goodbye.

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