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Lowry Denies Being The Owner Of A $5M Toronto House & Says He'll 'Retire A Raptor'

He's setting the record straight about his Toronto loyalty!

It seems that Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry is setting the record straight about rumours of his departure from the team. 

During post-game interviews on Wednesday, Lowry said, "I will retire as a Toronto Raptor." 

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"You know that, if I'm here. I will retire with the Toronto Raptors, you know, that one-day contract. Hey, whatever happens."

When asked about the sale of a Toronto mansion believed to be Lowry's house, the player was adamant that he wasn't the owner. 

"It wasn't my house. I don't know what y'all are talking about. That is not my property. KL INC. 7? That has nothing to do with me," said Lowry, laughing.

What are the rumours about Lowry?

Rumours have swirled about Lowry leaving the team before the March 25 trade deadline.

Sports journalist Ryen Russillo said on The Bill Simmons Podcast recently that Lowry "has been telling everybody for a month that he’s getting traded."

However, the player shut down "lies in the media" with a cryptic Instagram story on Tuesday.

“The lies people tell in the Media are amazing !!," wrote Lowry. "Don't put [things] out when they ain't come from me !!"

What's the deal with that house linked to Lowry?

Last month, a house owned by the corporation KL7 Inc. was listed for $5.3 million in North York, selling just a few weeks later.

Land Registry documents show that KL7 Inc. is owned by Ajay Virmani, a Toronto businessman who has been pictured with Lowry several times.

The player has also been filmed and photographed inside a home that looks exactly like the one in question.