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The City of Merritt is launching a year-long four-day workweek pilot for city staff with the goal of combating job turnover and helping attract new talent.

If ditching the traditional grind of working five days a week sounds appealing, it might be time to move to this small city in B.C. for one of these gigs.

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If you're looking for a new career, why not start with companies offering a coveted four-day workweek?

Many Canadian companies are adopting or trialling a work week that shortens the number of hours worked while maintaining the same salary and output.

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A Canadian company has decided to trial a four-day workweek, citing a need for its employees to get their "life/work balance" back.

Alida, founded in Vancouver 20 years ago, said it made its decision based on employee feedback and will be piloting the new shorter workweek in July.

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If you've got a job in Canada, there's a good chance that your boss is fine with you setting your own hours!

That's according to new research from business consulting firm Robert Half, which surveyed hundreds of Canadian workers and employees and found that the traditional ideas of working 9-5, Monday to Friday, have gone out of the window.

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The four-day workweek has been sweeping through Canada, being tested out by a ton of different companies, including this B.C law firm.

The CEO of YLaw in B.C., Leena Yousefi, decided to implement a four-day workweek six months ago, and she told Narcity that the company isn't going back.

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