6 Canadian Companies With A 4-Day WorkWeek That Are Hiring Right Now & Many Jobs Are Remote

The salaries aren't too bad, either.

An employee working at a desk. Right: Employees of Praxis PR.

An employee working at a desk. Right: Employees of Praxis PR.

If you're looking for a job in Canada, why not consider working for a company that offers a four-day workweek?

Not only is the reality of a never-ending slate of long weekends in your calendar a great bonus, many of these are remote jobs with fairly decent salaries at companies. Many of them have been ranked among the best places to work in Canada.

The four-day workweek is one of several job perks on the rise in Canada as more workers shift from focusing solely on salary to jobs in Canada with better employee benefits, ranging from unlimited vacation, to travel perks and more.

It's all part of a changing workplace culture unfolding in front of our eyes after the pandemic, which has also given birth to trends like Lazy Girl Jobs and Quiet Quitting.

Overall, companies who have tried out a compressed workweek have reported overwhelmingly positive results, citing improved employee retention, reduced staff absences, and a noticeable boost in morale.

One business leader even told Narcity she could never see her company going back to working five days per week.

So, if you're looking to make work-life balance a bigger priority, check out these four-day workweek companies across Canada who are hiring right now.

You just might find a job that suits your skills and offers you the chance to wave goodbye to the traditional five-day workweek.


Details: PRAXIS is a Canadian-owned public relations and marketing communications agency based in Toronto with operations also in Montreal and Los Angeles. The company has worked with several high-profile companies including Pepsi and Bubly. PRAXIS is currently hiring for the position of Account Manager and is seeking a candidate with experience in management, client relations, and someone who has worked in a marketing agency environment for four to six years.

Benefits: PRAXIS says it has a "unique family culture". The PR company joined one of many four-day workweek pilot programs in Canada, which it first trialled for a six-month period. After reporting overwhelmingly positive results, that pilot has since been extended for another six months. On top of a compressed workweek, the company operates entirely remotely, allowing its employees to work from anywhere in Canada.

Salary: No salary range provided.

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Details: Eidos-Montréal is a video game developer based in (you guessed it) Montreal and is most well known for its creation of narrative-driven video games like Tomb Raider and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game. The company is currently hiring a Senior Game Writer who has experience writing for and developing video games.

Benefits: Having switched to a four-day workweek in 2021, giving all staff Friday's off and reducing weekly working hours from 40 to 32, Edios-Montréal also offers its employees a flexible, hybrid work environment and a bonus program. The company has also been ranked among Canada's top employers and was named on the list Montreal’s Top Employers for 2023

Salary: No salary range provided.

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David Suzuki Foundation

Details: The David Suzuki Foundation is a non-profit environmental association in Canada that operates with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. The foundation is currently hiring for the role of Grant Writer and seeking a candidate to work in one of those three cities who has experience writing grant proposals and reports, alongside solid writing and editing skills.

Benefits: Having implemented the four-day workweek since its inception in 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation was the first company in Canada to offer its employees a compressed workweek. On top of that, the company also has a hybrid work environment, so no matter which city you're working in, you don't always have to be in the office.

Salary: $55,000 - $65,000

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Details: Pressbooks is a software company that helps to design and create books while working to intersect books and the web. The company is currently hiring for a Human Resources Manager and searching for a candidate with at least four years of experience in a human resources position who also has knowledge of federal and provincial (QC) labour legislation.

Benefits: On top of a four-day workweek, Pressbooks is fully remote and offers an impressive vacation package of four weeks plus more time off around the December holidays. The company also offers its employees separate yearly allowances on tech, wellness, and books along with a one-time work-from-home stipend to spruce up your home office.

Salary: No salary range provided.

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Juno College

Details: The Juno College of Technology is a coding school based in Toronto. Since its launch in 2012 under the name HackerYou, the company has since worked with over 100,000 students and helped them to advance in their careers in tech. Juno College is currently hiring a full-time Web Development Instructor. Candidates should have experience with modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features and are also required to have a minimum of two years experience as a web developer.

Benefits: Juno College is a Certified Living Wage Employer in Ontario and offers its employees a four-day workweek, three weeks vacation, and additional time off from December 24th to the New Year.

Salary: $61,440 - $65,000

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Township of Algonquin Highlands

Details: The Township of Algonquin Highlands is one of several municipalities in Ontario to have adopted the four-day workweek. The small town is located about a three hour drive northeast of Toronto and has a population of 2,600. The township is currently hiring for the position of Deputy Treasurer. Candidates should have post-secondary education in finance, accounting, or a related field, as well as a minimum of three years of municipal experience.

Benefits: The Township of Algonquin Highlands' compressed workweek allows employees to enjoy a long weekend but they do have to work slightly longer hours in exchange. Under this model, employees still work 35 hours per week (from 8:00am to 5:15pm daily) and have a shortened, 30-minute lunch break each day. It's a trade-off, but could be one that works for you if you don't mind working longer hours in exchange for a shorter week.

Salary: $37.05 - $41.69 per hour.

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