freedom convoy 2022

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is preparing for possible protests as the anniversary of the "Freedom Convoy" approaches.

Police Chief Eric Stubbs said in a news conference Monday that a "scalable" response is in the works to allow for a lawful, peaceful, and safe protest to take place but would prevent any similar type of vehicle-based protest and occupation like in 2022.

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An exchange at Queen's Park between Ontario Premier Doug Ford and John Fraser, MPP for Ottawa South and interim leader of the Ontario Liberal party, ended abruptly on Thursday after Ford was instructed to retract some of his hot takes on the federal government.

Fraser found himself on the receiving end of Ford's remarks after denouncing the premier's refusal to participate in the Emergencies Act inquiry, an investigation into the city of Ottawa's weeks-long occupation by protesters last winter.

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Joe Rogan is once again coming for Justin Trudeau and had some harsh words for Canada in general.

On Thursday, July 14, the podcast host sat down with stand-up comedian Tom Segura on episode 1844 of The Joe Rogan Experience.

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If you live in Ottawa and you've been looking for the chance to voice your opinions about the freedom convoy, well, here's your chance.

In a press release on June 24, the Office of the Auditor General announced that it would be starting a public consultation as part of its convoy protest audit. It says the audit "will focus on the City of Ottawa's response (these include services such as By-Law, Transit, Traffic, Social Services, etc.) to the convoy protest."

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Things could get loud in Ottawa again soon. Some supporters of the Freedom Movement, some of which first honked its way through Ottawa earlier this year, said they'll be back in the city for Canada Day with no plans on leaving for the summer.

In a YouTube video posted on June 15, key organizers Andrew MacGillivray from Veterans for Freedom, and David Paisley from Live from the Shed shared plans for a "freedom movement" march, picnic, and a dance party on Parliament Hill on July 1. The Veterans for Freedom is an organization of Canadian Armed Forces veterans who want to "restore fundamental freedoms for all Canadians", according to their website.

"It doesn't end at Canada Day and that you're going to have a regular uh presence and continue to push that," said Paisley.

On Friday, the Ottawa police service said in a tweet that it expects several large crowds on Canada Day and that officers will prioritize public safety. It added that there will be "significant road closures and a major increase in police presence."

"2022 Canada Day Public Safety Planning: We are working with #CanadaDay organizers and our policing partners to implement a public safety plan that allows all Canadians and visitors to freely and safely enjoy the capital during this celebration," Ottawa Police tweeted.

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