Doug Ford Called The Liberals 'Politically Corrupt' & Then Quickly Had To Roll Things Back

Yikes, shots fired.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Right: Liberal MPP John Fraser.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Right: Liberal MPP John Fraser.

An exchange at Queen's Park between Ontario Premier Doug Ford and John Fraser, MPP for Ottawa South and interim leader of the Ontario Liberal party, ended abruptly on Thursday after Ford was instructed to retract some of his hot takes on the federal government.

Fraser found himself on the receiving end of Ford's remarks after denouncing the premier's refusal to participate in the Emergencies Act inquiry, an investigation into the city of Ottawa's weeks-long occupation by protesters last winter.

2022-10-27 Question

"Speaker, the premier was not there for the residents of the city of Ottawa," Fraser argued while responding to Ford during the legislative assembly, adding that the premier's actions have him "losing every single day in the court of public opinion."

The statements look like they didn't sit well with Ford, who added his own rebuttal. "As the public saw, I was out there nonstop speaking to the people. As the member from Ottawa [...] he was hiding in his basement."

However, that wasn't the jab he was forced to retract. Ford later referred to Fraser as being "politically corrupt," which did not sit well in the house. Yikes.

"I've got to remind him he was part of the most politically corrupt government [in] this province," the premier said before being interrupted.

The speaker of the legislative assembly immediately told Ford to withdraw his "unparliamentary comment," where the premier conceded, saying only "I withdraw."

Overall, Ford stuck to the same point he argued on Wednesday: the inquiry is a federal issue, not a provincial one.

It's not every day that parliament goes full-on Real Housewives, but it's worth watching when it does.

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.