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Ontario Premier Doug Ford got caught up sharing a personal story about his tie during a news conference Tuesday morning, and the awkward moment is causing much more anger than laughs.

The news conference was held as many Ontario students returned to class following a two-day province-wide strike by education workers, but Ford got a little distracted as he offered an update about his government's contract negotiations with CUPE.

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Jagmeet Singh has called out Ontario Premier Doug Ford for launching "a direct attack" on education workers and knowingly "violating their rights."

As contract negotiations between the union representing education workers in Ontario and the provincial government have stalled, Ford's government is expected to introduce legislation to keep workers on the job.

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Halloween just got weirder and spookier in Ontario, and you can thank Premier Doug Ford for making that happen.

The premier of Ontario wished everyone in the province a happy Halloween on Monday, posting a pumpkin carving video on Twitter, and it might just be scarier than anything else you see today.

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An exchange at Queen's Park between Ontario Premier Doug Ford and John Fraser, MPP for Ottawa South and interim leader of the Ontario Liberal party, ended abruptly on Thursday after Ford was instructed to retract some of his hot takes on the federal government.

Fraser found himself on the receiving end of Ford's remarks after denouncing the premier's refusal to participate in the Emergencies Act inquiry, an investigation into the city of Ottawa's weeks-long occupation by protesters last winter.

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For some reason, bugs just can't seem to bug off on live TV these days.

While it's not a bee à la Bug Ford at a press conference, it's a fly during a live broadcast for a Toronto news anchor.

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