Tim Hortons Is Bringing Smile Cookies Back To The Menu Early This Year But The Price Is Going Up

It'll cost you more to buy these limited-edition treats now. 🍪👀

Tim Hortons Smile Cookies.
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Tim Hortons Smile Cookies.

Tim Hortons is adding a classic limited-edition treat to the menu earlier than usual this year but you'll have to pay more if you want to buy one since the price is going up.

If you're a fan of this treat, or just want to try something you haven't before, get ready because Tim Hortons Smile Cookies are making a comeback and they'll only be available for a few days.

This is the first time ever that the week-long fundraiser at Tims will take place in the spring instead of in September when it typically happens each year.

All of the proceeds from sales of Smile Cookies this year will go to more than 600 local charities and community groups that have been chosen by Tim Hortons restaurant owners in Canada.

From May 1 through to May 7, you can get Smile Cookies at Tim Hortons locations across Canada.

If you don't know about these treats, they are the classic Tim's chocolate chunk cookie but hand-decorated with blue icing eyes and a pink icing smile.

This year, each Smile Cookie will cost $1.50 plus tax, which is an increase from past years when it only cost a loonie to buy one.

Tim Hortons said that this is the first time the price has increased since the treats were introduced back in 1996.

Apparently, this price jump in 2023 will "allow even more money to be raised for charities and community groups across the country."

Along with the cookies, you can also buy new Smile Cookie pins – named Zany, Sweetie, Chippy and Grumpy – at locations for $2 plus tax.

There's one with more icing for the eyes and smile, one with a woozy-looking smile, one with blue eyelashes, and one with a frown and some serious side-eye,

If you want to get Smile Cookies early this year, you can visit a Tim Hortons location in Canada and order in person or place an order through the Tim Hortons app for delivery.

Since it was launched in 1996, the annual Smile Cookie Week has raised more than $92 million across Canada and the U.S.

In fact, a record-breaking $15 million was raised last year through the sale of these limited-edition treats.

The Tims location that sold the most Smile Cookies in 2022 was in Dunnville, Ontario with more than 56,000 cookies sold to support the local healthcare and hospital foundation!

Smile Cookies have become a Canadian tradition over the years and the treats have even spurred another tradition: people posting photos of the cookies they bought that look a little wonky and not as advertised.

In 2022, some of the Smile Cookies that people got at locations across the country looked like they had seen better days with missing eyes, frowns instead of smiles and more.

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