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Tim Hortons Smile Cookies Are Available In Canada Again & Some Look Like They Had Better Days

People are loving their Smile Cookies no matter what they look like though! 🍪

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​Tim Hortons Smile Cookie that looks angry. Right: Smile Cookie with one eye and part of the smile missing.

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie that looks angry. Right: Smile Cookie with one eye and part of the smile missing.

It's that time of year and Tim Hortons Smile Cookies are available in Canada once again but some of the treats seem like they've had better days.

From September 19 until September 25, the cookies are back across Canada with 100% of the proceeds going to local charities and community organizations that Tim Hortons restaurant owners have chosen.

Since the first Smile Cookie was sold back in 1996, the campaign has raised more than $77 million for charities and community groups in this country.

If you don't already know, these special treats are chocolate chunk cookies with blue icing eyes and pink icing smiles.

The cookies don't always look like they're supposed to though.

So, sharing photos of Smile Cookies that have a little bit of a different look has become a yearly tradition.

With this Smile Cookie, the eyes are missing and the smile is cracked. No big deal!

This treat has one eye missing while the other is barely there and a big chunk of the smile missing.

"A visual representation of my mental state," said the person who got the cookie.

Someone shared their Smile Cookie which looks like it has a bow for eyes and an upside-down smile.

"Tim Hortons has their cookies out here living their truth," they said. "Nobody should be forced to smile if they don’t feel like it. Proud of you Tims."

This particular one looks like a woozy face emoji and should be part of "Woozy Cookie" week instead of Smile Cookie week!

Thanks to a coincidentally — but hilariously — placed chocolate chunk and cookie crumbs on the eyes combined with a straight-line smile, this treat actually looks like it's angry!

This one tried its best but just couldn't manage a full smile and instead has a broken one.

While this cookie is missing an icing eye, the chocolate chunk is in the perfect spot to take its place!

It looks like this treat has a tongue sticking out and the person who shared it didn't know if the cookie was "saucy or sassy."

Back in 2021, the Tim Hortons in Dunnville, Ontario sold the most Smile Cookies in all of Canada. The community has a population of around 6,000 people and more than 48,000 cookies were sold there.

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