6 Memes & Tweets About Doug Ford Swallowing A Bee That Are Just Too Bee-utiful

And the premier had a few "stingers" himself. 🐝

Toronto Associate Editor
Premier Doug Ford at the AMO conference.

Premier Doug Ford at the AMO conference.

Ever since Premier Doug Ford was caught swallowing a bee on live camera, Ontarians have been buzzing over the bee-utiful moment.

Well, it looks like the premier himself also couldn't get over the "little bugger" himself — as he briefly called the bee on Friday — and came up with a couple of stingers at his expense at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference on Monday.

"Boy, what a warm welcome," Ford said before barreling over in a fit of fake coughs.

Shortly after, he whips out a toy bee to the audience.

"Here, I finally got him! He's been hanging around for a while — he's twice the size that he came in at," said Ford.

Outside of the premier poking fun at himself over what happened last week, the Internet also turned out a few jokes itself. Here are six memes, TikToks and tweets to keep the hive of jokes alive until the next time the premier has a meme-worthy moment.

Someone created an entire account dedicated to Doug Ford's bee

"Mission accomplished," one of the first tweets from the account reads. If you scroll through, you'll see that many of the tweets express support for the bee with #TeamBee.

Someone else made one dedicated to Doug Ford's esophagus

The account first started off its page with a short and simple tweet: "accckkk." Then, it started to get more creative when it recreated the clip as one of Canada's finest heritage moments.

One TikToker poked fun of the premier's love for Tim Horton's


#dougford #ontario #bee #funny #toronto #fyp

"The bee dodging Tim's breakfast sandwiches in Doug Ford's belly," the text on the video reads. Ford has shown time and time again just how much he loves the Canadian brand, and this TikToker thinks the bee he swallowed learnt that first-hand.

Can we expect a Man vs. Bee cameo with Ford?

Rowan Atkinson's newest comedy series Man vs. Bee might just have a run for its money now that Ford has actually had a run-in with the insect.

Not Barry B. Benson...

Of course someone brought in the Bee Movie and the "you like jazz line?"

Move over Buck-A-Beer...

And say hello to the new "Buck-a-Bee" promise.

"That's why I'm excited to announce Premier Ford's new 'buck-a-bee' promise. It's very simple. For every live bee you swallow, the province will give you one dollar," YouTuber Brittlestar said in a sketch about the incident.

He also joked that the province would introduce a new dating app called Bumblr for all the live-bee swallowing enthusiasts looking for love.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor