Redditors Dug Up A 2014 John Oliver Clip About Doug Ford & It's Hilariously Cruel (VIDEO)

Not entirely safe for work.

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John Oliver and Doug Ford on the Last Week Tonight show.

John Oliver and Doug Ford on the Last Week Tonight show.

An old Last Week Tonight with John Oliver clip about the Ford brothers has resurfaced on Reddit, and even though it's nearly a decade old, it's still so funny and absolutely ruthless.

A clip from the HBO show was shared by a YouTube account named "Captioning for Everyone," in 2014 when Doug Ford was running for mayor of Toronto. The video has now been re-shared on Reddit.

Back then, Rob Ford, Doug's brother, had withdrawn his candidacy when he was hospitalized and diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. At this point, Doug Ford ran for mayor in September 2014.

The Ford brothers were quite a topic of conversation back then — even John Oliver made a skit about it.

Oliver said, "Please, Toronto, I beg you. Let us laugh at your a**hole for another four years. Yours sincerely, everyone who does not live in Toronto."

John Oliver and Doug Ford on the Last Week Tonight show.HBO

The clip starts by explaining to viewers that Rob Ford, also known as "everyone's favourite walking beefsteak tomato," is no longer running for re-election.

"Don't despair," the comedian adds. "For there is another. Rob Ford has a brother, Doug Ford, who is running for mayor."

Oliver then shared a snippet of what looks to be the Ford brothers sitting and competing on a seesaw as a reference to show "how alike they are."

The seesaw clip is hilarious! A news agency even commented on the clip, making it even funnier. They said, "Like all typical siblings, the goal is, when you're on a seesaw, to jack your sibling off." Um, what?

Jokes aside, when Ford was running for mayor, he had to battle through some obstacles because his brother allegedly used antisemitic language in the past.

The now-premier of Ontario has had to answer questions about it too. The comedian showed a clip of Doug Ford at a debate in a Jewish high school in Toronto and let's just say it was a disaster.

To defend himself after the fact, he told the public, "The Ford family has an extensive relationship, a great relationship, with the Jewish community. Matter of fact, my wife is Jewish."

But later, Doug Ford's wife told reporters in an interview that her "mother's family has Jewish bloodlines" but she never practiced the religion herself. She even referred to the faith as "Judism" and not Judaism... Which, obviously, Oliver made a joke about.

"Toronto, I think I speak on behalf of the rest of the world when I deliver you this message: please, please, elect this man," the late-night talk show host said.

"His brother was fine, but at a certain point, we felt bad laughing at him. Whereas Doug Ford doesn't have a drug problem. He's just an a**hole," Oliver concluded.

A Redditor commented on the thread: "And yet we elected him f**king premier. Sh*thole province."

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Toronto Associate Editor
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