Doug Ford Got Heated Talking About His Daughter's Stag & Doe Party With Reporters (VIDEO)

"I don't know what you don't understand."

Toronto Associate Editor
Premier Doug Ford at a press conference.

Premier Doug Ford at a press conference.

Premier Doug Ford was put under fire during a press conference on Wednesday when reporters started questioning him about a family scandal.

Ford was in Brampton to announce a new major electric vehicle investment when the focus quickly turned to the topic of his daughter's stag and doe party in August 2022.

It was clear the premier knew it was coming, too. "Let's see how this one goes," Ford said, as he prepared to take questions from the media.

A Canadian Press (CP) reporter started the Q&A session by asking about the government sustainability deal. Tables quickly turned when the reporter's follow-up question was about a stag and doe that the Fords hosted back in August.

"Who sent out a donation request to developers and other stakeholders for your daughter's stag and doe?" the CP reporter asked.

Ford snarkily responded, "We're going to go back to this again?"

"My daughter has a personal life," he added. "I can tell you, this is the first time in Canadian history that you go after any premier's family — which, there used to be an unwritten rule you don't do that — go after any mayor's family, any prime minister, but I guess when it comes to us, there are different rules."

"It's absolutely ridiculous," Ford said.

Global News revealed that developers attended his daughter's stag and doe party and were asked to make a rather sizeable donation, which has led to Ford now being pushed to answer some of these questions.

Colin D'Mello, a Queens Park reporter, then got the chance to roast the premier with even more stag and doe questions, and that's when the heat really turned up.

"Do you know how much money your family raised from that stag and doe in total? How much of it came from developers and who did that money go to specifically?" D'Mello asked.

"You gotta be kidding Colin," Ford immediately said. He then described the situation a little more, trying to shut down and end the conversation. But, D'Mello didn't stop there.

The reporter asked Ford if he'd be willing to waive the confidentiality of the process regarding the Integrity Commissioner's investigation "in the interest of transparency."

Ford instantly snapped back and said "Colin, my daughter is a private citizen. I don't know what you don't understand."

The premier then continued to try and stop the reporter from asking further questions.

"Colin, Colin, it was my daughter's stag. [...] It was a regular stag like you may have when your kids get older, Colin. But there has to be a point... You have to have journalistic integrity," Ford said.

"Thank you for the question. Next question," he concluded angrily.

The premier also answered a few questions about Mayor John Tory's affair and let's just say it made for a pretty juicy press conference.

Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
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