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6 Times Doug Ford Has Confused Ontario By Making Tim Hortons His Ride Or Die

Premier Doug Ford and Tim Hortons have a very special bond and he's proven it on multiple occasions.

Ford's relentless love of Tim Hortons has confused Ontario at times, from endorsing Smile Cookies to ending a COVID-19 press conference by gushing about their egg sandwiches.

Here are six times Ford has proven his unbridled devotion to the coffee chain.

Tim Hortons Smile Cookies 2021

Ford posted a Smile Cookie promo video to his Twitter telling folks to "go pick up a nice cookie, have a little bite mmm mmm, great cookies." He even deemed them the "best ever" before ending his video with a cheeky grin.

Egg Sandwich Endorsement Of 2021

At the end of a COVID-19 press conference in February 2021, Ford plugged Tim Hortons' new real egg sandwiches, saying, "Oh yeah, I got to give Timmies a good plug. The best thing you guys ever did is make those real egg sandwiches. I used to go eat those other ones. They're the best, those real egg sandwiches. So whoever did that at Timmies, good for you."

Casually Flexing His Tim Hortons In A Pic 

Ford posted this picture on August 6 and couldn't help but flex his love for Tim Hortons with not one but five Tim Hortons cups on the table.

Camp Day 2020

Last summer, Doug Ford went out to his favourite Tim Horton's location ( yes, he really disclosed he has a location preference) to encourage everyone to buy a coffee and bracelet to support kids going to camp.

National Coffee Day 2020

Ford couldn't let National Coffee Day pass him buy without giving a shout out to Tim Hortons in 2020.

Smile Cookies 2020: Pit stop Edition

Coming back full circle, in September 2020 Ford gave a pit stop promo for Smile Cookies on his way to Guelph before a 1 p.m. announcement.

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