Doug Ford Apparently Can't Get Inside His Own House Due To Anti-Vaxx Protests Outside

This follows the new restrictions put in place before the holidays.

Toronto Associate Editor
Doug Ford Apparently Can't Get Inside His Own House Due To Anti-Vaxx Protests Outside

It seems as though Premier Doug Ford can't make it back inside of his house at the moment due to anti-vaccine protests that have been happening outside of his residence.

"The Premier and his family haven’t been able to get into their home for most of the weekend or today because anti-vaxxers have been protesting outside their house," Ivana Yelich, the spokesperson for Ford's office, said in a tweet Monday night. Narcity reached out to the Toronto Police for confirmation about the protests and has not yet received a response.

In the tweet, Yelich was responding to a TikTok video that was shared on a Twitter account called Ont. Liberal Party War Room (@OLPWarRoom).

In the video, the TikToker pans the camera to a hooded Ford saying he was heading up to the cottage, but when the video was taken is unclear.

Ford is no stranger to protesters on his front lawn, though.

“Over the course of the pandemic, the Premier’s family and neighbours have been subjected to regular protesting outside their homes. A large group of loud and disruptive protesters were camped outside his home again this weekend disturbing his neighbours and blocking his family from entering their house,” the Premier’s spokesperson, Yelich, told Narcity via email, and added these protests follow repeated demonstrations outside of Deputy Premier Christine Elliott’s home.

“These petty tactics have no impact on this government’s resolve to do the right thing in order to protect the people of Ontario. The only thing these people are doing is targeting and harassing innocent neighbours and family members who have nothing to do with the government’s decision-making.”

Echoing what the premier had asked demonstrators in 2020, Yelich said these protesters can express their views at Queens Park, “[…] but this continued harassment of innocent people has no place in Ontario.”

The news comes after the Ontario government put in place stricter public health measures just before the holidays.

As of December 19, informal gatherings have been reduced to 10 people indoors, capacity limits have been lowered to 50%, and restaurants and bars have to adhere to curfews.

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Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor