Doug Ford Finally Explained Where He's Been After Ontarians Called Him Out For Being MIA

Ontarians have been wondering just where the heck Premier Doug Ford has been hiding, especially leading up to the recent federal election, when he was nowhere to be found.

People on the internet have been joking about Ford's absence and putting forth their theories. One person compared the premier to the elusive Sasquatch for taking the title as the "reigning hide and seek world champion." Another assumed Erin O'Toole locked him in a basement until after the election.

In a press conference on Wednesday, September 22, Ford spoke about what he has been up to lately.

"I've been all over the province every single day," Ford said. "I've been travelling from east, west, north, south, out speaking to the people, dealing with the pandemic. I didn't want to get involved in this federal election and we're doing our job."

"We're making sure that we're fighting the fourth wave, making sure we're taking care of the people, making sure our hospital capacity is up to par, and helping people. There's not one day I stop. I go 24/7 around the clock and I'm going to continue doing it until we get this behind us," Ford continued.

But, it may have been a little too late to put forth this explanation, as Ontarians already had their fill of picking on the premier.

Mere days before the election, a Reddit thread popped up questioning where Ford was and why they hadn't "heard a peep."

"He's too busy doing free Tim Hortons commercials to be bothered with his job these days," one Redditor replied, linking to the premier's recent announcement on the restaurant's Smile Cookies. One person on Twitter called Ford's influencer-esque move his "Tim Horton's Tour."

Someone even suggested putting out an amber alert for the premier. Several Ontarians found his new tan suspicious, too, seeming to imply that he was on vacation the whole time.

The jabs flew in from all directions, and they haven't really stopped since Ford's explanation.

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