ontario tourist traps

Tourist traps are the bane of every traveller's existence, and sometimes they can be hard to spot.

Ontario has plenty of highly rated tourist attractions, but sometimes they come with bustling crowds and an expensive price tag that overshadows the value of the experience.

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Ontario tourist traps can be a real problem. You see something amazing online and impulsively decide to visit, only to find yourself elbow-to-elbow with hundreds of people who follow the same influencer on Instagram.

No one likes to get got. But just because loads of people enjoy them and they're incredibly well-promoted doesn't make these places inherently bad.

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Ontario is jam-packed with picturesque views and tourist destinations, many of which are super hyped up online. But there are things you should know before you visit these road trip spots to avoid disappointment.

We've likely all been there; you see a photo on Instagram or a tourism website and plan a visit to a beautiful destination with an expectation in mind. Once you arrive though, you're stuck in a situation that's less than ideal.

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