The world is filled with various treasures and breathtaking sites for you to visit and explore. Travelling is an essential feat to cross off your bucket list. It refreshes the soul and opens your mind to new experiences and environments. That being said, get your passport ready and take a look at some places to stamp your passport pages with. London, Paris, Tokyo & Rome--- all beautiful places indeed, however there are so many underrated places in the world that most millennials have never even heard of and probably never will. These places are equally as breathtaking and beautiful and deserve some much earned representation.

So go ahead and expand your horizons at some of these wonderful places in the world that many of your millennial friends will be dying to visit too!

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Kjeragbolten, Kjerag Mountain, Norway

This world wonder is a site for all you daredevils who aren't too afraid of a little height. Dare to stand your ground on a boulder wedged between two cliffs of the Norweigan mountains and amaze your Millennial friends with an even more daring photo than the glass floor of the CN Tower.

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Stepwells Of India, Across Northern & Western India

Get your cardio on and take in the beauty of this historic architectural site in India. The hundreds of carved stone steps lead to and were built to serve as local source of water as early as 550 A.D. It'll be the only place in the world that you'll want to be in the midst of over 3,000 stepwells.

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The Gates of Hell, Derweze, Turkmenistan

It's no secret that we're not all perfect so in case you need a reminder of how much of a bad ass you are, take a glimpse of your future here in Derweze, Turkmenistan (I'm totally kidding by the way...). This 200-foot hole in the desert was created in 1971 when a Soviet drilling rig fell into a massive natural cavern. Instead of covering it up, scientist decided to let the natural oils of the cavern burn itself off so they lit it up thus creating the most captivating, mad made hell hole that has been burning for over 45 years that you will definitely appreciate.

Talk about a lit experience.

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Wisteria Tunnel, Kitakyushu, Japan

If you're thinking of travelling from late April to mid May, hit up this unique tunnel in Japan draped with exquisite flowers. Step away from the urban city life in Tokyo that you're so used to in Toronto and breathe in the fresh air and floral scent of rural Japan. It's almost so beautiful that you'll feel like an anime character!

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Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland

Here's another thrilling destination for all you risk takers who aren't afraid of a little height! Balance yourself on this Irish rope bridge connecting the main land to the small island of Carrickarede. While you do that, enjoy the fresh Irish air and seaside as you sway hundreds of feet into the air...yikes.

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Fingal's Cave, Isle Of Staffa, Scotland

For all you self proclaimed mermaids out there, visit Fingal's Cave on the Scottish island of Staffa that is 270 ft. deep with aquatic wanderlust. Formed by ancient lava flows, the striking site has become artistic inspiration to many.

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Jeju Island, South Korea

Once again, explore the South Korean island of Jeju and get in touch with the inner nature lover (no matter how hidden away it may be) in you. Enjoy the boat ride and do a number of things from water massage therapy, hiking, beautiful beaches and even bring your S/O to self proclaimed "loveland" known for being the most hilarious adult theme park. If none of these things tickle your fancy, the volcano sunrise/set is a reason of itself to go.

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The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

One of the beautiful wonders of the world are located under the deep blues of the Pacific Ocean on the Australian coast. Visit the land from down undah and dive right down undah the sea to see for yourself the beautiful sea gem that is the Australian coral reef. Swim with the fishes and witness life underwater against the breathtaking background of the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy all you want but remember to look and not touch to preserve the timeless beauty of the sea!

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Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Visit the world's largest natural mirror in Bolivia where this massive salt flat spans a massive 4086 square miles! Formed by several ancient lakes, this salt flat becomes so reflective in the rainy season that it’s used to calibrate satellites. The land stretches for miles which will take your breathaway and your Insta-game to a whole new level!

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Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

I shit you not, this canyon is 100% real and is no way photoshopped! This trippy site in Arizona is known for its natural picturesque beauty that are nothing short of amazing. Plus, it's a lot prettier than the overrated Grand Canyon!

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Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Take in the picture perfect crystal clear waters, foresty green scenery and stunning waterfall that this national park in Croatia has to offer. If you've been to all the beautiful parks in North America, this one will be a refreshing change that'll give you an excuse to bring out the passport and travel to where most have never bothered.

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 Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Virgin Islands

If you're looking for some sun and beachy vibes, ditch the crowded shores of Cuba and Mexico and enjoy the rays from the secluded island of Jost Van Dyke. The views are just as nice (if not nicer!!) and you'll get the space away from the everyday crowds of the city on this underrated vacay destination.

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Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zimbabwe

One look at this site and you'd never guess that this beautiful waterfall was located in the African region of Zimbabwe. Skip the annual trip to Niagara Falls and feast your eyes on a natural and real waterfall that'll put our Ontario landmark to shame!

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Highlands, Iceland

There are so many reasons to visit the beautiful escarpment of Iceland, but give yourself more of a reason by visiting the Highlands. Sit back and enjoy the natural (& most importantly free!) show of the northern lights! Take a step back from the city lights and watch the night sky come to life right before your eyes.

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Hundred Islands, Pangasinan, Philippines

This underrated attraction in the Philippines is definitely worth the road trip when it comes to good views and plenty of fun under the sun. Take a boat on the sea and take a tour of the hundreds of islands that you'd never think even existed on this tropical island of a country. Island hop with your family and BFF and enjoy some sun dried tilapia for lunch and a list of various activities including cliff jumping and cave exploration. Everyone automatically thinks to visit Palawan and Boracay for a good time in the Philippines but here's to show that there's plenty of beauty on the main land as well!

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Giant Crystals Of Naica, Naica, Mexico

This (literally) hidden gem of Mexico holds large crystals measuring up to 39 feet long. These massive crystals grew over half a million years, filling this underground space. It's beautiful and all, but don't try to visit this place in your average jeans & hoodie. Explorers have to wear special ice-cold cooling suits to enter, and are required not to be down there for mare than 45 minutes at a time. Despite the disclaimer, it's pretty dope seeing what jewels the beachy country of Mexico are hiding away.

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