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There's a travelling outdoor escape room that has visited over 80 countries around the world and it's making its way to the city of Ottawa. You'll be getting curiouser and curiouser as you explore the city through a Wonderland-themed adventure.

CluedUpp Games is hosting a giant escape room-style game that will take you down the rabbit hole. It is only running for two days, August 27 and October 1, and the streets will be transformed into a magical journey.

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If you're looking for a unique way to explore the city of Ottawa, look no further. There is a new outdoor escape room that will have you playing detective as you solve puzzles throughout the capital's downtown.

Adventure City Games just released a new outdoor treasure hunt-like experience in Ottawa called "Find Justine in Ottawa". In the game, Justine is the head of Canada's secret affairs and she's missing. You (and your potential team) need to find her and give her the news that an asteroid is headed for earth.

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When you think of an escape room, you likely imagine a hidden area inside a building, but now you can navigate clues on a literal ship on the water. This mobile escape room will have you setting sail with your friends this summer until October 10.

Escape the Ghost Ship has returned to the Ottawa-Gatineau region and you'll embark on the Ottawa River for an hour and 15-minute adventure. If you've ever dreamt of being a pirate, this is a way to bring your dreams to reality.

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If you're planning a games night yet can't wait to get out of the house, grab your friends for a nostalgic night of fun at an escape room, games bar or adventure park in Ottawa.

Indoor activities are a great way to escape the cold as the Ottawa winter drags on. From a quiet afternoon playing board games with a coffee to a night of lawn games with a beer or jumping high at a trampoline park... with water, you'll need to hydrate... here are eleven places in Ottawa where you can have fun playing games like you're a kid again.

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In hopes of learning lessons in magic, you become an apprentice of renowned wizard Melvar the Mystic but instead are tasked with saving him from another realm.

Warlocked is the latest magical escape room at Room Escape Ottawa and their most technologically advanced yet.

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