tubing near toronto

What better way to unwind than by drifting down a scenic river ? This season, you can float your way along picturesque waterways at these lazy river experiences near Toronto.

From relaxing floats where you won't have to lift a paddle to rapid-filled adventures, you can soak up some sun and enjoy the warm weather at these spots.

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There's a winding river in Ontario where you can paddle and float through a forest of lush greenery that'll almost feel like you're on a wilderness vacation in the "Canadian Amazon."

Grand River Rafting has four different water routes where you can turbo tube, paddleboard, kayak and canoe along some lazy rivers , but their 9-kilometre Big Creek trip will almost transport you straight to the Amazon Rainforest with its narrow passages and overhanging trees.

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The summer sunshine will be calling pretty soon, and what better way to answer than with plans for a relaxing float down a lazy river in Ontario ?

You can make unforgettable memories by paddling down a waterway with friends, so it may be time to skip the patio beers and put this on your to-do list instead.

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