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Turbo tubing down Big Creek lazy river with Grand River Rafting in Ontario.

Turbo tubing down Big Creek lazy river with Grand River Rafting in Ontario.

There's a winding river in Ontario where you can paddle and float through a forest of lush greenery that'll almost feel like you're on a wilderness vacation in the "Canadian Amazon."

Grand River Rafting has four different water routes where you can turbo tube, paddleboard, kayak and canoe along some lazy rivers, but their 9-kilometre Big Creek trip will almost transport you straight to the Amazon Rainforest with its narrow passages and overhanging trees.

If you choose to go turbo tubing down Big Creek, the trip will take roughly four to five hours, and about three hours if you kayak, stand-up paddle or canoe. While the current will help push you along the river, it's slow so be ready to paddle.

This magical river is just about two hours from Toronto, making it a great day trip full of adventure. The parking lot is at the endpoint, and the rafting team will shuttle you to the starting point of the paddle trip.

The experience reopens on May 20 this year, along with the other three lazy river routes. It's a self-guided tour so you can enjoy the day hanging with your favourite people and paddling at your own pace. Plus, it's calm enough for beginners, and tethers to tie your tubes together if someone gets tired.

Anyone interested in tubing down this river this summer will have to reserve their spot ahead of time. You might also want to pack some sunscreen, a water bottle to stay hydrated, and a waterproof camera to snap some pics and brag about your adventure afterward.

Big Creek Trip

Price: $42+ per person

When: May 20 to September 18, 2022

Address: 157 Front Rd., Port Rowan, ON (Corner of Lakeshore Rd. & Hwy 59)

Why You Need To Go: You can spend a summer day in the "Canadian Amazon", paddling along a lazy river lined with overhanging trees.


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