It's time to rally the brunch gang. Mimosas with biscuits are soon to become a reality in the Sunshine State. It was just announced that Cracker Barrels in Florida are testing its first-ever booze menu.

There will be 20 locations that will kick things off slowly, offering flavored mimosas and craft beer that will vary by regional favorites. So don't expect every Cracker Barrel location to have the same boozy lineup. 

The wines will also be basic to start, and the chain will offer two mimosa flavors — orange and strawberry. The introduction of alcohol comes as the chain begins to recover from COVID-19-induced sales declines. 

With it being a casual sit-down chain, this country spot was forced to close its dining rooms during the pandemic's height. As with most restaurants, the brand turned to take-out and delivery.

According to FOX Business, the chain missed its third-quarter earnings, with revenues tanking 42% to the tune of $161.9 million in lost profits.

Florida could provide the right atmosphere for Cracker Barrel's rebirth. Most of the state is currently in "phase 2" of its reopening plan, allowing restaurants to expand their indoor capacity to 50%.

Alcohol at Cracker Barrel isn't a new idea for Florida. Back in January, they test-launched it throughout the state. 

The company's president and CEO Sandra Cochran called the experiment "surprisingly popular."

Alcohol won't be the only new item on the expanded menu. There'll also be fried pork chops and chicken pot pie waiting for customers who find their way back to this classic, country spot.