Carole Baskin Says 'Legit Sanctuaries' Will 'Step In' If Jeff Lowe's Animals Are Seized

An investigation at the G.W. Zoo is underway.
Carole Baskin Of Big Cat Rescue Says Jeff Lowe's Animals Should Be Seized

An investigation is currently underway at the G.W. Zoo formerly owned by Tiger King star Jeff Lowe. After reports of illness and disease impacting animals under his care, Carole Baskin, owner of Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue, made a comment urging law enforcement to seize the animals. 

“PETA and The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance, of which we are a founding member, have all connected with law enforcement to let them know that if they will just do their job and seize the animals there are legit sanctuaries at the ready to step in," Carole Baskin, founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, posted in a comment on her Facebook page.

In an interview with KFOR News, Lowe was questioned about the alleged photos that depicted lions with bloodied and fly-infested ears.

Lowe was quick to blame the flies on a horse ranch across the street from the zoo, claiming that while Tiger King had made him very wealthy, money couldn’t fix everything.

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When asked by the interviewer if he would ever surrender animals that he was unable to care for, Lowe became agitated and ended the interview.

Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullett told KFOR that an investigation regarding the sick animals is still underway.

Narcity reached out to Baskin for a comment regarding the interview and situation surrounding Jeff Lowe's investigation.

In her emailed response, Baskin stated that she is currently still in litigation with Lowe and could not discuss the matter yet.

Narcity also received an emailed response from Tammy Thies, Rescue Committee Chair of The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance.

“The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance and their network sanctuaries are poised to transport and provide permanent homes for surrendered or confiscated wild cats from African servals, to lions and tigers,” Tammy’s email read. “We would be more than willing to help these cats (and other animals) in any capacity to ensure they receive proper care.”

Earlier this month, Baskin was granted control over Joe Exotic's former zoo, which Exotic said was a tragedy.

In the official court order that granted her control over the animal park, it was stated that Lowe was to vacate the property within 120 days.

All animals housed at Lowe's zoo were ordered to be removed from the property as well.

While Baskin explained in a previous statement that the animals would not become assets of Big Cat Rescue, it is currently unclear whether the animals will be transferred to a new location under Lowe’s care, or delegated new homes under PETA’s supervision.